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- Nêpsis



- Workhouse

- Video clip for the song Πίσω απ' τα ανεκπλήρωτα of the music group Active Member

- Video clip for the song Μη μ' αφήνεις of the music group Active Member

- 12 animated spots for the concert Τραγούδα μαζί μας να φύγει το σκοτάδι of the music group Active Member on the 4th of September 2013 in Technopolis, in Athens



- Video clip for the song Πότε μαστούρια of Yiorgos Zampetas

- Filming for the documentary The Othellos, currently in post-production



- Video clip for the song Σιγά - Σιγά of Yiorgos Zampetas (creation of the animated sequences of the clip)

- Video clip for the song Après Nous of John Ferrère and Ernesto Castillo

- Les délices de la procrastination animated film (for the Mash-Up Film Festival of the Forum des Images in Paris)

- Episkepsis animated film (presently in post-production)

- Video clip for the song Acropolis Bye Bye by Ian Balzan (in association with Miracle)

- 3 animated films for the Trio Dell' Arte concerts in Cyprus



-Video clip for the song Gargamel by Pulcinella (in association with Miracle)

- Video clip for the song  Μια ιδέα Χαμηλοβλεπούσα by Dionysis Farmakis

- Large Scale Absurdities Vol. 1

- Six animated shorts on the occasion of the Crowdfunding Campaign of the Kimonos Art Center (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/crowdfund-an-art-center-in-paphos-cyprus)

Meet the crew

The Rise and Fall of a Worm

Bad Bird

Broke Animator's Blues

The irrefutable necessity of a snail's death

Csardas for Penelope

(The first five ones are combined in one longer film called Large Scale Absurdities Vol. 2)



- Animated sequences for the project Collapse / A visual concert by the Trio Dell' Arte

- Documentary for a press that was never found



- Animated film Janus, for the audiovisual concert by Chrysostomos Neofytou and Thibaud Verbe (music by Zacharias Mouzakis)



- Video clip for the song Morgensol by Soma & Lil

- Animation Department and figuring in the documentary Science & Orthodoxy Around the World (directed by Christos Panagos, produced by IndigoFlicks, in association with the National Hellenic Research Association).

- Video clip for the composition Flut(t)eRings Christina Athinodorou



- Large Scale Absurdities Vol.3: Docile Town